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As Seen On TV Fishing Product Picks for Fishing On the Go!

Banjo 006 Minnow 110-Piece Fishing System Available Here!

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As Seen On TV Fishing Tackle

Fishing On the Go!

There are several products being advertised on TV for fishing and outdoor recreation. These as seen on TV products offer all kinds of promises and offers that are appealing to many fisherman, but how can you be sure that they work as promised?

Here are our top picks for fishing on the go products as seen on TV.

As Seen On TV Fishing Tackle Picks:

Instant Fisherman

Fishing On the Go As Seen On TV

Banjo 006 Minnow‚

Banjo 006 Minnow 110-Piece Fishing System
Only $19.99!

The Banjo 006 Minnow 110-Piece Fishing System includes 32 lifelike Banjo 006 Minnows in 3 sizes and 7 colors featuring Diamond Flash holographic glitter. Includes 4 detachable swimming eyes, 3 weighted jig eyes, 9 weedless hooks, 60 weedguards, 2 El Sinko hooks, and an instructional DVD. Kit Contains: Twelve 3'' minnows 2 pieces per color Twelve 4'' minnows 2 pieces per color Six 5'' minnows 1 piece per color Two 4'' glow in the dark minnows Three #1 weedless hooks Three #4 weedless hooks Three #8 weedless hooks Two El Sinko hooks #1/#2 60 weedguards Four sets of plastic eyes Three sets of metal eyes Instructional brochure Instructional DVD ''Catch the Big One'' . Banjo 006 Minnow 110-Piece Fishing System

instant fisherman
Instant Fisherman Portable Fishing System

Instant Fisherman Portable Fishing System Only 2 Payments of $19.95

buy instant fisherman

Instant Fisherman
A Complete Collapsible Fishing Rod System As Seen On TV

As Seen On TV the Instant Fisherman is always ready to fish and features:

  • Lightweight For All-Day-Fishing
  • Precision Balanced For Accurate Casting
  • Revolutionary Adjustable Slide Rod
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Strong Enough To
    Catch A Shark
  • Smart Design Makes It
    Easy To Use
  • Perfect for Experienced Fishermen & beginners alike
  • Makes a great gift!

The portable Instant Fisherman fishing rod and reel is perfect for anyone who wants to fish anytime, anywhere. The colapsible rod fits easily in your glove box, trunk or tackle box and is strong enough to catch even the biggest fish!

pocket fisherman

Pocket Fisherman
by Ron Popeil

buy pocket fisherman

Ron Popeil Pocket Fisherman
A Complete Spin Casting System As Seen On TV

As Seen On TV" for Years! It's always ready for the fish to strike! Simply unfold the rod until it snaps into a fully extended position and you're ready to fish. This convenient design allows you to attach the Pocket Fisherman to your belt easily and it's small enough to fit in your glove compartment.

It's the best gift you can give to any kid or adult!  You've seen this Pocket Fisherman for years and always wanted one — now get it for only $29.95.
Bonus Offer - get additionals for only $14.95
Pocket Fisherman Features:
1. Hinged Double-Flex Rod That Folds When Not In Use
2. Mini Tackle Box Contained In The Handle Includes Hook, Line & Sinker
3. Reel Is Replaceable With Reel Cartridge
4. Automatic Anti-Reverse Prevents The Handle From Turning Backwards

Mighty Bite DNA Response Trigger Fishing Lures $19.95 per 100 PC Set

Over 100 piece fishing system including Mighty Bite lures in various tested body styles, colors and sizes with included rattles, fins, scent sticks, a popper attachment, red stinger treble hook attachment, off-set hooks, Fishing Secrets EZ Guide, Instructions and custom weights

mighty bite fishing lures

Mighty Bite Fishing Lures As Seen On TV

Might Bites's patent pending Bite Mark creates a wounded, spastic action that provokes viscious strikes. It casts like a bullet, and 'Swims' down to the bottom at an angle, due to its Swimming Fins, like a real baitfish.
Its Scent Stick and Rattle Chambers release scent and sound that attracts and triggers strikes from both hungry and neutral fish. When a fish hits Mighty Bite, the Wounded Ribs make Mighty Bite bend and feel like a real baitfish. The Scent Stick then gives the fish a shot of flavor that keeps them holding on, for easy hooksets.
This aggressive reaction is caused by Mighty Bite's " DNA Trigger Technology" that overloads a fish's 5 Senses causing it to track down, stalk and instinctually strike Mighty Bite hard and hold-on. Don't let this one get away - make this the best fishing season of your life with Mighty Bite.

Eagle Eyes "Explorer" Sunglasses
Only $29.95!

buy fishing sunglasses

Eagle Eyes Aviator Sunglasses Offer

See a new view of the world with Eagle Eyes.

Eagle Eyes® patented, polarized TriLenium Gold™ Lens Technology works by blocking out 100% ultraviolet rays and harmful blue and violet light rays; while allowing in vision-enhancing light rays (green, yellow, orange and red) within the 475 nm (nanometers) range in the wavelength light spectrum. This technology allows you to see images more vividly with better contrast and definition making them perfect for a day on the lake fishing.

Some sunglasses merely darken your vision, but Eagle Eyes® actually “let in” more of the “good light” while blocking harmful blue, violet and ultraviolet light from damaging your eyesight. With the added benefit of polarization, which cuts glare to near zero, Eagle Eyes® are tops in preventive eye care. Comes in sturdy, crush proof case. Great sunglasses are a smart long term investment. Eagle Eyes® Explorer is designed for style, safety and protection. Lightweight and flexible.

Developed from Original NASA Optic Technology! Eagle Eyes® is the ONLY Sunglass Lens Certified by the SPACE FOUNDATION for UVR and Blue-Light Protection

HD Vision Ultras

HD Vision Sunglasses
Only $10.00!

hd vision sunglasses

The HD Vision Ultra Sunglasses Offer

See a new view of the world with HD Vision Sunglasses.

Just like how high definition revolutionized TV, HD lenses enhance your vision and produce unsurpassed clarity and optical definition.

Order today and get:

  • A Second Pair of HD Ultras Free!

HD Vision Ultras offer 100% full UV400 protection, reduce glare and increase color and clarity like no other sunglasses you’ve ever worn. Now you can protect your eyes from the sun while your fishing without costly prescription sunglasses HD Vision’s glare-blocking technology enhances clarity and color giving you a high-definition view like you’ve never seen before.

HD Ultra Benefits:

  • Glare-blocking technology
  • Enhances clarity and color
  • Just like High Definition TV
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Modern European styling
  • Prevents light from entering
    on the sides


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